This was part of a much larger bit by Extra Credits on messages sent by games and how design decisions can (even unwittingly) transform games into propaganda.  Games do have an interactive aspect, but the core principles remain true for any media product.

Overall it’s a very important aspect that creators should consider with any sort of system where appearance changes with progress – whether it’s part of item choice, character plot arc or just revising character appearances between chapters.

There’s a reason we have the “More Advanced Armor = Skimpier” box on the Female Armor Bingo.

– wincenworks

It’s time to bring back this great reminder that when you create something it will carry a message, whether you intend to or not.  Accordingly, before just jumping on board with a trope like bikini armor, boobplate or battle thongs it’s worth considering what message might be included with it and whether it’s a statement you want associated with your product or yourself.

Not only can it help you avoid having to babble nonsense to try to convince yourself and others you didn’t do something embarrassing, it will open you up to a wide variety of options and probably help you stand out in a market that is really over-saturated with sexualized content.

– wincenworks