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Last week the world’s biggest Larp event, ConQuest of Mythodea, took place in Germany again and while I was walking through the city and its many merchands and their shops I came across this…well…actual real bikini “armour”. One of the official photographers gladly took a photo because normally you don’t take any electrical devices with you so I hadn’t the chance to take one.

I guess this shows that bikini armour does not only exist in media but also gets produces for real people to wear. I’ve never seen it worn though but instead there were so many awesome ladies in appropriate chain mail and heavy armour and it was amazing. I hope this gathers dust in the shop.

I came across this particular outfit on deviantArt, apparently the owner’s partner made it for her.  The armor on display in his gallery suggests that usually he makes more realistic and sturdy designs:


However they are all made for Live Action Role Playing (LARP) so they have a lot of creative freedom involved since people (usually) aren’t trying to hit each other for real.  Depending on the LARP they may not do anything resembling fighting at all.

While people do make real bikini armor – usually wearing it showcases why it was a bad idea.  I have a friend who made herself a Red Sonja scalemail bikini and tried having some mock battles with sword and shield in it – invariably a few seconds in her boobs would free themselves and her opponent would request a break to allow her to fix her costume.

– wincenworks

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