Oh Spirit Stones, the true commercial (and creative) diarrhea. We could pick random cards from it and not run out of bingos for months.

I decided to go with this here Zodiac-themed (goddess?) character in particular not only because of lots of stabby parts and wasted themed design potential, but also cause her descriptions make the design even more hilarious:

Aries (first card):

You say it is the duty of a god to go to war? No, I only go because of my loyalty to Taurus. He only knows how to protect others. He doesn’t know how to protect himself. I go for him.

For the record, the Taurus guy, who’s apparently one of the only two men* among Zodiac cards, looks like this:


Also: female character motivated by a male character, how creative!

Aries+ (the second card):

Be weary of the skies! As the war drags on and armors are destroyed, her attacks will only get stronger.

Whose armors are destroyed, though? Hers of her opponents’? My bets are on hers.


*The other one is Leo, cause associating The Bull and The Lion with masculinity is so original! And both characters wear believable armors, of course.

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