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Russia’s recent voyage into superhero genre, upcoming movie Zaschitniki, gave us a female character of rather questionable attire choices. I’m assuming is a concept art, as we haven’t yet seen more of the actual footage than the teaser.

According to the movie’s wikipedia page, the character’s name is Xenia and she is “Flexible and agile. She has the ability to go in the water, floating in it at any distance. Can’t feel the temperature differences, and she able to be located in any vacuum even without oxygen.”.
I don’t know how that outfit is supposed to help with any of this. In fact, I can only think of how it would go in the way, from falling down during any tasks requiring agility and flexibility to simply making swimming harder.

What’s also problematic is that her powers seem rather underwhelming when compared to her teammates – master martial artist, anearthbenderin all but name and guy who turns into a bear. I want to be wrong, but it feels that when they will be doing actual superheroics, she will be relegated to things like opening doors or turning cameras off, placing her at the level of Stan Lee’s era Sue Storm.

The movie seems to have potential, but having only one female character, who is ridiculously sexualized and seems like is going to be overshadowed by her more action-oriented male teammates, really puts down any excitement I might otherwise have for it

Are we sure those are superhero costume concepts, not high fashion concepts?
I really wanna believe those aren’t the actual clothes she’s supposed to do action hero job in, and don’t want to think how they’re planning this to stay on a life action actress (barring unreasonable amounts of double-sided tape).

This look, combined with the Smurfette Principle and the “female heroes are agile, not strong!” trope sure says we’re in for an original and creative movie!


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