But people assure me that this is just all in my imagination and there’s nothing wrong with the state of games.

SSG warned me in advance about Sakura Clicker in a submission. Not only did Steam actively and repeatedly try to sell it to me, but today I came across a video of Jim Sterling demonstrating the “compelling gameplay” (headphones recommended for the dignity of yourself and those around you).

Karos Returns is apparently the sequel to the Russian language MMORPG Karos, which one of the commentors described as: 

Russian Aion With Horrible Characters”.  As you can see… it’s not exactly getting rave reviews.

Cradle is allegedly quite good and arthouse… but personally I find their choice of imagery to use in the promotional pics and video to be somehow generic yet exceptionally creepy.  I am quietly confident there are better ways to showcase it than showing you removing the face and boobs from sexy gynoid… or at least I HOPE there are.

Microvolts Surge is, from what I can gather, a game that lets you play either as the pictured sexy lady, a poor imitation Army Man or one of a few offensive racial stereotypes… because apparently it’s that sort of game!

– wincenworks

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