I keep seeing waaay too much unnecessary fanservice slipped into otherwise regular fanart of female characters compared to what male characters get, so I strongly feel this post is necessary.

ways to subtly (or not so) sexualise (cisgender) male characters in your day to day fanart:

  • tight pants
  • tight shirts
  • tight clothes in general
  • doesn’t even have to be different to their canon outfits, just make that shit tight
  • put holes in his clothes!
  • they can be tears, or they can look like they’re meant to be there- call them improvements 🙂
  • and make the clothes transparent!
  • even better, make them wet; transparent and clingy 😉
  • put him in a submissive/passive pose
  • you know, position the camera above him
  • and make sure his ass is pointed even just a little bit at the camera
  • just don’t make him look like he has any power over the viewer
  • is there anything in or vaguely related to canon that has tentacles or something that resembles them? try incorporating that into the fanart!
  • is there any conceivable excuse to have this character covered in sticky, white liquid? not semen, but…
  • apparently general anatomy isn’t too important if you can draw really detailed, anatomically correct feet
  • come to think of it, it’s generally socially accepted for cis men to be shirtless in a lot of places. I’d definitely use that to my advantage if I were you
  • also, remember that trend of dudes not wearing belts so their undies were always visible? why not use that? hint: he doesn’t even have to be wearing undies!
  • composition is an important part of any artwork. use this to draw attention to the: groin, ass, feet?, nipples, mouth, whatever takes your fancy
  • make his facial expression lustrous. make him look like he wants the viewer to do unspeakable things to him
  • when you see a female character being unnecessarily sexualised in fanart, think about how you might do the same thing to a male character 🙂


  • most points listed above can also apply to character design for games, comics, films, etc.
  • things to be careful of

Following yesterday’s Happy Friday sexy male warriors, those are some pretty damn good rules to follow in creating fanservice featuring male characters. Just remember everyone: things to be careful of” addendum is essential part of the advice.

Big thanks to 

septetteforadeadprincess for writing this wonderful post and noting us about it!


edit April 2016: Updated 

things to be careful of” link, since the OP changed their URL.

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