Why is Marvel/Disney (or whoever owns the rights currently) making more and more movies and games about Spider-man, Iron Man and Captain America when they could be making them about Namor, the Sub-Mariner? So the state of licensing is more than a little complicated – with this much potential fixing the situation so they can capitalize on this should be a top priority!

I mean check out his credentials (from 1966), pure empowerment right there!

– wincenworks

Considering Namor is one of the rare male characters that are actually acknowledged as very sexy in-universe, it wouldn’t be improper if the filmography focused a lot on his washboard abs.

And let’s not forget that since DC made Khal Drogo the movie Aquaman, it’s an appropriate time to counter Jason Momoa’s… everything with someone equally empowered (preferably not a white guy named Chris).


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