Thunderstrike #2 by Ron Frenze, Tom DeFalco, and Al Milgrom.

Sometimes, I forget just how bad outfits were in the 90s. Then I see something like this and my eyes bleed all over again.

Yes, that is Lady Sif.

Yes, the the “V” neck of her outfit is so wide she needs to wear a bikini top on top of that.

Yes, those are armor plates on her arm.

I’m scared to find out just how high the cut of the bottom of the outfit is in the back. 

Seems like Lady Sif is, right after Athena and Kali, among mythical figures who constantly get re-imagined in the most ridiculously sexualized ways. And the most notable incarnation of Sif, the Marvel comics one, has alone gone through quite a few undignified designs… and a pretty nice one in the movie-verse.

Why is it so hard to get a warrior goddess design right?


So many mythological figures have so much more dignity when depicted completely nude, simply because the artists envisioned them as larger than life beings and not as sex objects.

You’d think with all the emphasis pretty much every art school puts on the classics, some of it would sink in.  You would think.

– wincenworks

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