Some folks asked me to Tumblr yesterday’s DORK TOWER.

Consider it Tumblr’d!

BTW: The line “Boobs don’t work that way” in the comic is a nod to one of my favorite Tumblrs:

Hey That’s us! 

( You’re our favorite too.) 

A perfect breakdown of the excuses for ridiculous depiction of women in comics (and by extent, other pop media), including the all-time favorite arguments like “she’s liberated and/or sexy”.

Congratulations for the always-awesome boobsdontworkthatway for getting a shout out! 😀

It seems worthwhile to bring this one back for Throwback Thursday, since our theme for a the past week seems to have been big name creators who are determined to transform this strip from commentary into documentary.

Though what really bugs me is the creators in this one are actually better behaved than the mainstream counterparts – they’re not calling for a crusade against critics or drawing more deliberately terrible content for attention.

– wincenworks

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