HSadler submitted:

Hey! Huge fan of the blog. I tried to genderswap that ridiculous Red Sonja pose to show how silly it’d be if males were sexualised in the same way. I had some major trouble trying to redraw the hips because I literally couldn’t figure out how it was supposed to work in the picture! Anyway, thought you might look at it because I know you sometimes show redraws. Thanks!

But men have internal organs and other stuff to protect so they need actual armor.  Women’s weak spots are our boobs (or sometimes, just our nipples) and apparently a tiny area on our thighs.

The Parodied Red Sonja cover, for the reference.

Don’t worry about Red Sonny’s safety, kids! He has all the important parts covered, after all! Parts like the pecs, a bit of a shoulder and… completely random and very small spots on thighs. Seems legit.

(Not so) funnily, this genderswapped version STILL gets more coverage than the original, considering he has visible underpants on his butt and junk. Sonja looks like she’s going commando under her loincloth.



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