Wait, what is this!? Does even Frank Cho, of boob drawing fame, see a major design flaw with Power Girl’s traditional costume?  I thought he supported objectifying costumes and holding comics to be above critique!

I guess he thinks he can take one stance when it lets him focus on boobs more, and then reverse his stance if it’s getting in the way of him drawing boobs… is there a word for a person who does such things?

– wincenworks

Normally we’d promote such pic on BABD, but given Cho’s latest attempt at superheroine “parody”* and how he refuses to accept that the joke is in bad taste, we’d stick to some other Power Girl boob window jokes, thank you.

Clearly, it’s totally okay for an industry professional to “satirize” or talk shit about other people’s female character design *ahem*ErikLarsendissingKamalaKhancostume*ahem*, but ONLY if they decide who and what to make fun of.


But if they or their personal friends are criticized for what they draw, a circle-jerk of back-patting and self-congratulatory rants about “artistic freedom” commences.


Cause it’s not like a comic book artist can be actually self-aware while indulging both in cheescake and some self-deprecating humor, RIGHT?


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* a “parody” so disrespectful that it angered the co-creator of Spider Gwen, the character Cho used in his piece

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