Source (1, 2)   Specifically Brianna was referring to this this unfortunate incident, and the even more unfortunate response.

It’s really terrifying how common this piece of rhetoric is and how extreme people will take it.  I have lost count of the number of people who say that if you view the clearly hyper-sexualized female character as objectified maybe it’s you that’s the problem. 

The characters we critique cannot have agency, and their creators are responsible for choosing what aspects of the character they communicate and when.  When they make “sexy” be the top and almost singular priority for a female character – it’s a problem and it’s the creator’s fault.

– wincenworks

The myth of fictional characters possessing agency and thus “choosing” to dress a certain way has always been a pervasive rhetoric against BABD and similar sites/communities. That’s why it’s on the bingo.

Over time, we’ve collected a bunch of posts devoted to debunking that mentality, so I went back and introduced a tag for them.


more on agency | more commentary

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