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Saw this bizarre armour on an advert for the game ‘WarFrame’
I don’t really know what’s going on with this armour. For one how does she even see? Those boob-socks are so jarring and ridiculous too!
For curiosities sake I decided to look at the website and some other armours that were showcased. This is the character from above again, who was by far the most ridiculous looking (Saryn)-
There was also her somewhat thong-clad friend Valkyr-


Those two were definitely the worst of them, but the disheartening thing is that the website also showcased some very cool armours (Albeit none on them make the best sense), so they’re obviously capable of designing more interesting stuff!


(Banshee was definitely my personal favourite that I found browsing through the site.)

Sadly they decided to shove a bit of the old ‘sex sells’ in there at the last minute…

In the world where all the designs are abstract and barely read as humanoid… apparently we still need to make it abundantly clear that some of the characters do indeed have boobs, sigh.


Edit: Apparently people are feeling the need to tell us that these are in fact not armors (as though that makes it better) and we’re clearly wildly misinformed.


So um, take it it up with the developers guys.  It’s gear made to cover the wearer for war – it’s armor.

Edit 2: Also for the folks assuring us it’s equal opportunity… no, this is not sexy male armor (trust us).

– wincenworks

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