I feel like the only possible explanation behind this outfit existing is something ami-angelwings (glorious creator of eschergirls) has talked about a few times – many publishers feeling they need to include some sexualized content just to let straight men know that “this is for you, it’s safe for you here”.

 "Don’t worry, just because you’re playing a game with an independent heroine doesn’t mean we expect you to stop thinking of women as sex toys!“

– wincenworks

On one hand I’m aware that there’s nothing inherently wrong about BDSM and being kinky… but what purpose does portraying the heroine in a full bondage gear could possibly achieve in a Final Fantasy game?



shattered-earth replied:

someone said the face stuff is photoshopped but the outfit is deff real

flamma-man replied:

That’s fake. The ball-gag and blindfold that is, the rest of the outfit is real.

Thanks for the correction!

Glad to know that parts of it are photoshopped… Still creeped out the outfit is not.
Let’s give credit to whoever faked the ball gag and blind fold in there… they sure made it look like a complete set.


Given the costume actually looks more natural with the blindfold and ball gag, I stand by my comment.


– wincenworks

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