Break the Bingo – A CONTEST!


As a sendoff for the site’s and Female Armor Bingo’s and site’s anniversary, we prepared a little something for you guys: a Female Armor Bingo art contest!

We’ve been noted numerous times by our readers how tempting it is to design an “armor” so absurd that it crosses out ALL the Female Armor Bingo squares. So far no commercial work we tested the game on succeeded at that (though some came dangerously close), so how about we actually DO take this challenge?

The challenge: Design a skimpy female armor that covers every single possible point of the Female Armor Bingo.
The contestant MUST be the author of submitted art. Any type of art may be submitted, as long as its contents are clearly readable and presented as a standard web friendly file (jpeg, png, etc).
Already existing art is fine, as long as the contestant formally submits it, as per rules.

The contestants: To take part in the contest a person needs to have either tumblr account or deviantArt account, as we need legitimate way to contact the winners and track back their artwork. The contestant must either follow BABD on tumblr or BikiniArmorBeDamned group on deviantArt.
Anonymous submissions to tumblr are automatically disqualified!

The deadlines: All submissions have to enter via Bikini Armor Battle Damage’s submit box as image posts (with a “Contest entry” note in description) or to BikiniArmorBeDamned dA group’s Female Armor Bingo CONTEST folder before 31 March 2015.
The winners will be announced on bikiniarmorbattledamage 5 April 2015 (the Easter Sunday).

The prizes: 3 winners will be chosen and 3 prizes are offered. 1st place winner gets to choose the prize first, second one chooses after them, third one gets whatever prize is left. The available prizes are:

If anyone’s interested in contributing more prizes, please contact us!

Keep in mind some bingo squares are directly or indirectly contradictory (a boobplate that covers only nipples?). We’re counting on your creativity with overcoming that.
Bonus points if you manage to score both the bingo 1.0-exclusive Cameltoe and 1.1-exclusive “How does it attach?!” points!


– wincenworks

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