A female mercenary who excels at wielding two swords. She acts as the mood maker of the group. She’s a heavy drinker with a foul mouth but has also a very kind side, always thinking about her comrades. Enjoying battle, always bearing the full brunt, she never concerns herself with danger.

Y’know, if it wasn’t for the bit about the two swords I’d seriously wonder if they put the wrong image on the character profile. This is what happens when the top priority is every girl be sexy and cute.

– wincenworks

Didn’t you know? Over-accessorizing TOTALLY informs us about her well-rounded personality!

The tattoos tell us she’s a crude heavy drinker, while ribbons say she has a kind side… And the dual swords inform us that she bears dual swords and likes to battle! Also, obviously, bared midriff is how she expresses fearlessness!
It’s all so clearly coded all in her looks! Can’t you see?


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