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This little pic by Atey Ghalan is such a showcase of the double standard. Not only does the female have her midriff unprotected, she is wearing a silly little girl teeshirt. Her pose is very juvenile (knees together, one foot on tippy toe and leaning back, with a tilted head), and it says “I’m a helpless widdle girly who wouldn’t harm a fly, and I need you to come and wescue me”. 

However the males are standing in poses that reflect confidence and competence.

What a peculiar example of completely random double standard… The woman is not exactly “sexualized” compared to men… Just more, well, SILLY for no good reason whatsoever.

What was the thought process behind that? Why does only she wear a boobplate-y armor over a t-shirt and pose in such “girly” manner? Why men have neutral poses and more believable gear? Does anyone realize how much this breaks immersion?

True evidence that double standard doesn’t always equate to bare skin and softcore porn aesthetic.


I realize that they think they’re being clever by giving the female character visible personality traits that indicate she is fun, sexy and a rebel is a socially desirable way… but you guys know she could just decorate her armor right? It wasn’t really necessary to make her wear a “Not Hello Kitty Don’t Sue!” shirt in place of anti-ballistic armor.

– wincenworks

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