Aside from the fact that it’s one of those cheesy 4 panel comics that used to be popular in  2012, The message is what counts

Do you not understand the difference between men objectifying women for the male gaze in fiction and….ACTUAL real life women having the right to dress themselves however they want without being attacked? 

Do you understand the difference between FICTIONAL women and REAL women?   

They obviously do not understand. And considering they took their time to put such horrible opinion into a comic form, the OP is not likely to be persuaded otherwise.

And that’s just fucking sad.


I’m working on my theory that people like the OP live in parallel world where sexy attire in video games is a genuine choice, not a standard forced upon the player.

I also found the original video in which these statements are made – once you get past ear grating audio, it’s a fairly half-arsed attempt at political satire by somehow who apparently has styled every aspect of their appearance and performance to imitate Boxxy (cw: boxxy).  

The kindest possible conclusion one can come to:



– wincenworks

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