In a desperate attempt to avoid having to think of anything original, Dynamite Comics started the series Legenderry (spelt that way) where they take beloved characters from old franchises (including Vampirella, Flash Gordon and The Phantom) and cram them all in together under the pretense of re-inventing the comics as Steampunk.

So while the new Red Sonja doesn’t wear her varies her wardrobe from the scalemail bikini as circumstances require and actively tries to subvert the problematic tropes of the original character – the Steampunk rendition runs around in a scalemail bikini (or in a cupless corset with bare shoulders when in disguise) like it’s perfectly normal.

Pretty much every single female character in the issue I have is dressed in similarly ridiculous outfits and the boys are dressed in basically modified versions of their own outfits.

This is literally Steampunk defined as “add some goggled and cogs onto the designs” – and it’s marketed with boobs (OMG so Victorian!).  This is why we can’t have nice things.

– wincenworks

(Edit: Sadly upon review it appears the new Red Sonja does wear the scalemail bikini often, though at least no longer exclusively and no longer without comment from bystanders)

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