Hollywood Has a Boob Armor Problem, and It Needs to Stop

Hollywood Has a Boob Armor Problem, and It Needs to Stop


A discussion that started since Wasp’s boobtastic costume got revealed in the Ant Man movie got rekindled once new photos from the upcoming sequel started popping up.

Significant quote from the article, a response to something us female costume design critics are often accused of:

To be clear, this isn’t a call for modesty. This is a call for Hollywood to have more realistic depictions of female warriors. and more creativity in their designs. 

While it’s hard to advocate for the barbarian warrior heroic nudity in media like PG13 movies, modesty of a costume is hardly ever an issue for us (well, maybe unless it directly contradicts a specific character’s modest personality). That’s why the Female Armor Rhetoric Bingo has a "You want every woman to be covered from head to toe!” square.

As usual, though, I strongly disagree with assertion (in the latter part of the text) that movie!Wonder Woman’s armor is a good middle ground between practicality and aesthetic. Again, neither having vaguely historical references nor looking better than Amazon bikinis from the Justice League film make it an objectively good design, especially when you put Diana next to her male peers

Also, throwing Lady Sif and Valkyrie under the bus, when at worst their costumes are exactly as bad as Wondy’s and the Amazons’? Someone seems to write with DC-favoring bias >.> 

For more comprehensive commentary about the whole spectrum between genuinely practical female armor and unrealistic, but feminine and aesthetically pleasing armor, I recommend reading the Skin Is Not Necessary for Sex Appeal article we reblogged before.


h/t: @filipfatalattractionrblog