Magic Meat March (March 1st- March 31st)

Magic Meat March (March 1st- March 31st)


Magic Meat Week is reformatting into a month-long challenge (with a theme for every day of March). We encourage all artistically inclined fans to participate and give male empowerment a shot! 

Though, as @magicmeatmarch publishes essentially every submission to its tag, we encourage all artists to be aware of potential transphobia of jokingly putting masculine characters in feminine-coded costumes and makeup. Please always be sure to not frame the humor of reversing sexualization as “that’s funny, because he looks girly”. 

While is hard to draw the line, we also encourage anyone entering to remember that as terrible as costumes for female characters often are, they generally don’t include explicit material like brazenly exposed genitalia (outside of hardcore porn). Please keep that in mind when satirizing them!

~Ozzie & – wincenworks

(h/t: @sourshock)