Frank Cho Walks Off Wonder Woman After Sixth Cover

Frank Cho Walks Off Wonder Woman After Sixth Cover

Surprise, surprise! The guy who did the apologist “parody” of Milo Manara’s infamous ButtSpider Woman cover and who just wouldn’t back down from doing more when it kept being criticized, throws a hissy fit and leaves DC under the pretense of Greg Rucka, the writer, “censoring” a butt out of his optional Wonder Woman cover. 

If there was any doubt before (and there shouldn’t), it is official that Frank Cho joins the club of professional artists who go all butt-hurt when asked to tone down a little the artwork they were payed to do (as in, to literally do their job).

People like that still getting employed is why we can’t have nice things.


edit: Since it caused some confusion, for the record, this is the cover Cho claims to have been censored:


The one tumblr displayed on dashboards was an unfortunate choice as a default pic for the article.

edit 2: Cho also answered to MarySue regarding what changes he was asked to do on his covers and why it angered him so much.

h/t: @filipfatalattractionrblog

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