So, Mai Shiranui is the latest crossover character in the latest Dead or Alive game, continuing their trend of amazing double standards in character design.


I think the fact that the trailer’s only priorities are to reassure us Mia doesn’t wear anything close to conventional panties and jiggle physics (did I mention that Team Ninja also try to maximize upskirt physics?)

They also released a trailer for new bunch of costumes and a stage crossing over with Attack on Titan – so naturally they need to assure their intended audience that the otherwise sensible costumes will be destroyable.  So that’s going to be thing that we’re going to have in this reality.

Oh, and for those who worrying we’re demanding compromises on an artist’s important vision and forcing censorship

Tomonobu Itagaki doesn’t like this either and thinks it’s ruining the series that he started:

“Thank you everyone. I’m so glad to hear your voices. Please support our DOA together. I have to say. DOA can’t survive with money earned by continuously selling too much sexual DLCs. DOA can live with respects from all of the DOA fans. So, please make them aware of what they have to do for the future of DOA.”

– wincenworks