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“Wait.. this is from the same game as this!? Dammit creepy marketing…”

I’m confused.. what is bad about this?
And in your other post about this you seemingly mock women/men who do work in Cabaret “I’m sure it’s just a co-incidence that all the others got actual occupations” like what.. are you even saying here.

Femme fatale != cabaret performer. Femme fatale is not an occupation. Femme fatale is a trope based in the fear that every beautiful and flirtatious woman is secretly planning to seduce you so that she can destroy you and take your stuff.  It is insulting to cabaret performers and female performers in general to reduce them all down to such a thing.

Cabaret Hostess, Showgirl, Cigarette Girl, Barmaid, Musician, Can-Can Dancer, Stand Up Comedian, Waitress, Lounge Singer, Magician’s Assistant, Stage Kitten, – these are all jobs linked to cabaret that a woman might have.  Standing on stage in a sexy outfit while one guy looks on is not any of these jobs or any other job.

Imagine they introduce the quartet like this:

A beefcake bad boy, smouldering loner, charming show off and a cabaret hostess.

Also imagine she’s dressed in similarly practical clothes instead of a fragile costume with high heels (x)


Now ask yourself: Why did she have to have a “sexy” job in the first place? Seriously, why can’t she be say? A mechanic like Grace Wagner was?


From the start of the 1920s to the end of the 1940s (The Golden Age of Burlesque) was a really interesting time for changes in roles for women in America and many other nations? Why would you want to only (badly) remember (and misrepresent) the showgirls?

I mean, look at the line up from the franchise that started the four survivors vs zombies games.  Look at Zoey (college student and horror movie junkie) and Rochelle (assistant tv producer and Depeche Mode fan):


Video games and media in general need to get out of this habit of making sure they put in at least one “every man” character, then some additional options for men and limit the inclusion of women to “the sexy lady” with no further consideration. There is nothing wrong with sexy ladies or ladies who make a profession out of being sexy – there is a huge problem with creators choosing to represent women only as such regardless of suitability.

– wincenworks

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