Can we talk about how Shiklah is “Mrs Deadpool” but they’ve chosen to apply none of Deadpool’s visual branding?  Aside from one decoration on her belly chain on one cover?  No? We’re just going to rebrand the character’s title as a derivative of Deadpool and pretend the battle lingerie is critical?

I mean if nothing else, this is a golden opportunity to have her wear something you can sell as Deadpool merchandise!  I mean you got the Deadpool Bobblehead in there – but this seems like the prime time to be trying to sell everything Deadpool! Pants. Jackets. Shirts. Bags. Things you use to hold your socks up… everything!

– wincenworks

Interestingly, they did it before with actual distaff counterpart and barely even tried.
Lady Deadpool is an alternate universe character in Marvel (and also one of “our” Deadpool’s weird love interests). Who comes  with an assorted ponytail and boobsocks, just in case anyone forgot that she’s Deadpool, except a lady!


And also WTF anatomy, cause Liefeld.

Seems like attaching a male hero’s name to a female character is a seemingly simple task that everyone’s too lazy to put their heart into. Even the new Thor, no matter how well written, somehow HAD to be designed with a boobplate, cause ladyparts, amirite?


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