ghostarin submitted:

Another “Born to Fire” artwork thing.

This one bugs me like hell. The men look like they’re going to kick some ass, ready to fight. The girls? (Cough-Smurfette-syndrome btw-cough) They look like they’re some random supermodels and thought it was a photo-shoot and started posing – which is why the guy to the left is looking at them like “Uh… You girls do realize that helicopter is going to shoot us down any minute, right?”

The incongruity between the poses (and sizes) of the men and women is amazing.  The men look like they’re ready for battle, the women look like they are in a war-themed clothing shoot.

Not only the poses and body types are completely disparate, the women also dress like for a summer fashion photoshoot (rather than, you know, war) including the bare midriff, of course!

This (and the other Born to Fire artwork that was on EscherGirls) reminds me of that Cracked “If Real Life Worked Like a Role-Playing Game” contest winner: 


They truly foresaw Quiet… probably because they has inspiration in things like Born of Fire.


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