I saw these while shopping with my girlfriend and the thing that really stood out to both of us is that men’s costumes come with padding while the women’s costumes simply expect you to bring a body like a super heroine’s with you.

Further proof how the male costumes are a power fantasy while the female costumes are more about fulfilling a fantasy for the audience.  And it’s also pretty ridiculous when you consider that the first life-action Superman was completely recognizable without the larger than life physique:


– wincenworks

If anyone’s not familiar with our affiliated blog fucknosexistcostumes, particularly its costume tag, it’s a widely acknowledged fact that (store-bought) women’s costumes, for some reason, are never allowed to look like whatever they’re supposed to depict. The outfits virtually always come either in “male” or “sexy” version.

Even the established female characters with widely recognizable image can’t escape this plight. Poor Batgirl… At least Wonder Woman’s one is quite accurate, though basically by the virtue of Diana having a rather gendered and pantless costume already.

And it’s no better if we look at the children’s dress-up section. Even when not sexualized (though, creepily, that is an option), little girl costumes apparently are always supposed to be in pastel colors (particularly pink, of course) and involve skirts, even when the depicted character wears no such elements.

Here’s what they sell to kids as a “Spidergirl” outfit (literally with a Spidergirl image printed on the package for comparison):


And here’s what passes for Super Best Friends Forever (Wonder Girl, Batgirl and Supergirl):


The branding, instead of using the super cute and diverse Lauren Faust versions of the characters…


…advertises the line with this sameface, samebody pastel color-coded genericness:



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