Speaking of Wonder Woman and professional comic industry artists who actually are her genuine fans, it’s a perfect opportunity to give a shout-out to how Stjepan Sejic depicts her.

Above here, we have not one, not two, but FOUR alternative designs of body-covering armor for Diana; each of them very distinct, while still paying tribute to her traditional costume’s elements. 
Big thanks to filipfatalattractionrblog​ of hellyeahteensuperheroes for referencing those in a reblog from us.

THIS is what I meant on my personal by saying that the new official costume doesn’t really challenge anything and its only change compared to the previous design is the spoulders and a jumpsuit unbeneath. 
There are infinite ways to redesign fictional fashion, and when a new design just a superficial fix, it is okay to criticize… as long as you know what you’re talking about, *ahem*JScottCampbell*ahem* >_>

Also worth noting how Mr Sejic usually portrays Wonder Woman’s body. Even in a classic strapless costume, her figure reads as one of an Amazon warrior: tall, bulky and muscular.


As we mentioned before, nebezial is also notable for having a good sense of humor and self-awareness of how the industry treats female characters. It’s no different in case of Diana:


F#$%ing Photoshop indeed.


Stjepan Sejic on: BABD | Tumblr: nebezial-asheri 
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