For the people who rushed to tell us we should never doubt Blizzard’s intentions and that they’re really making the effort so we shouldn’t criticize any aspect of Zarya’s character design: Relax. Zarya knows what we’re talking about.

Yes that Heroes of the Storm thing is as ridiculous as it looks.

By the way, Blizzard fans – you guys Overwatch is in Beta right? A period in development when the teams working on it try to get feedback so they can refine it?  Just checking!

Also, all of you messaging me to tell me that because a character is “based on” a real person, they can’t resemble another fictional character – here is an artistic depiction of the real person as done by one of her co-workers:


It’s a long road from initial concept to finished product and frequently a lot of sources of inspiration come into play – both consciously and subconsciously.  It’s perfectly possible there was no influence at all, however it doesn’t mean it’s safe to dismiss the possibility without a second thought.

– wincenworks

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