i never stood a chance! true story XD by nebezial

I have to say, even though he has been the artist for some terrifying projects like Witchblade, I really support Stjepan Sejic’s commentary over-sexualized super heroine costumes:


If a guy who focusing most of his creative efforts on a BDSM comic* can take this stance, there’s really no excuse for the rest of creative industries to hide behind rhetoric and nonsense.

– wincenworks

Stjepan Sejic on: BABD | Tumblr: nebezial-asheri 

* When we say mostly well that’s what’s been promoted on his blog lately, but Stjepan is also the artist for Rat Queens, Generation 9 and writing and doing the art for Death Vigil and upcoming Teen Witchblade as well as Sunstone (the BDSM-themed relationship comic).  He also does other great commentary work.

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