Dynamite comics has got to their #100th issue of Red Sonja… and apparently feel the best way to celebrate this is with multiple covers

  • Two of which depict Sonja being undressed against her will, with one looking so disturbingly suggestive it warranted us to put a trigger warning tag on this post
  • One shows her battling something indistinct with fluff text to suggest she’s badass
  • One with a boringly generic pose and awkwardly-placed list of the creators of the stories from the issue
  • One shows her looking cartoonishly child-like

Dynamite Comics totally respects the character guys! It’s just keeping this ridiculous outfit for branding and nostalgia! Honest!

– wincenworks

It shouldn’t be surprising how the cutesy cover is the least terrible of them all. It’s by far the best drawn of the bunch and the only one where “can I fap to this?” clearly wasn’t a design consideration.


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