Re: this

You sure showed us, guys. You sure did.

Cause it’s so totally not like…

  • …we’re completely aware of Metroid franchise and its heroine, Samus Aran and we have a tag for her
  • …she’s literally the only notable example of female warrior protagonist wearing an armor that doesn’t disclose her gender and she was created back in 1986, so maybe we should be free to wish for more game characters like her
  • …Nintendo for some time now has allowed developers to push her costumes increasingly more into skin-tight, skimpier and impractical territory while displaying the power armor less and less, with the crown achievement of this trend being the rocket 5-inch heels

Nope, we simply had to be informed that Samus does, in fact, exist… because WELL ACTUALLY.

Thanks for contributing, what would we do without you, guys?


Also… it’s a while but I seem to recall:

  • Samus Aran is a (white, conventionally attractive) female character and was revealed as such at the end of the first Metroid game if you finished it fast enough. Her identity ambiguity hasn’t really been a thing for twenty-something years now.
  • She’s a bounty hunter on a job, not a knight on a noble quest
  • The monsters were just biological horrors, not demons of metaphorical design and hence a commentary of this particular sort*

These might seem like nitpicks… but they were were more or less the whole point of what I was saying. 

– wincenworks

* Samus was meant to be a different, equally important commentary about women as heroes.

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