The Legend of King Arthur Realtime Character, by Vladimir Kovalevich

A fun design for a King Arthur contest on Artstation! I really like the DIY aspects of this, and especially the brightness of the colors. There are a lot of small details that add to this character’s story, and I like the rendering style as well. And of course, that crooked smirk is a staple in my redesigns, so… I’m not biased or anything. I just like sassy gals, ok???

Check out the project page for this piece for turnarounds and polygon breakdowns, if that’s your jam!


Soul Calibur, as always, happy to disappoint with generic skimpy female outfits, this time for Sophitia’s sister, Cassandra Alexandra.
Sadly, not every character named Cassandra can be awesome and designed with attention to detail by the artists

And in case you guys doubted whether this should even count as sexualized or if the cleavage is that bad, the reveal trailer leaves no doubt over what the boob emphasis is for [spoiler alert: it’s jiggling]: 

Not an impressive bingo score, but she gets a sideboob count and half a point for those feeble tights as “no pants”. Sparing her from “high heels” count, as the shoes look relatively reasonable, comfortable even.

Reminder that this is what she looked like last time she showed up in the franchise, making the new design an “improvement” just over a tiny technical margin of covering a few square inches of skin more: 


Since they already decided to give her a new ridiculous costume, why not go all out and consider butt armor, to match her signature butt attack




Leather outfit I made for Magic Meat Week back in November, and I did post it then, but didn’t get nicer photos until more recently. So it’s going up for @magicmeatmarch! I was trying to go for a dark rogue/thief sort of aesthetic, but I think it needs some sort of asymmetric holster/strap arrangement to really sell the look. Something to stick a dagger, or a bunch of smoke bombs, or what have you.

I’m pretty busy this month with a pile of commissions, but I’ve got a few days of waiting at the moment to get more materials in, so maybe I’ll be able to work on that now. I’m a bit low on ideas too, though, so if anyone has an idea for how the straps should go to maximize the beefcakiness of this getup, feel free to scribble your thoughts on one of these photos and shoot it back to me!

Remember when we reblogged @armoreddragon‘s sexy belt male armor photos last year? Apparently this 10+ stealth design precedes it by a year. 

Quality outfit for an antihero working from the shadows!


see also: this Thieve’s Guild Armor mod for Skyrim, done in the same aesthetic!

As if that wasn’t enough, twin-bulged breastplates ignore the anatomical makeup of the female breast itself. To make a long story short, the breast largely consists of fat and modified sweat glands (for the production of milk, that is), and hence it’s not nearly as solid as a comparable mass of muscle. So all but the largest breasts can be bound quite flat against the woman’s chest without occasioning too much discomfort. In turn, this means a fighting woman probably isn’t going to need a breastplate with a chest profile larger than one worn by a fighting man of a similar height and general body shape, and therefore it’s quite likely that the woman would simply fit into the man’s breastplate with the aid of some padding to make up the slack in the waist and shoulders.

Why female breastplates don’t need breast-bulges 
(The article was deleted since. You can read its mirror copy on here.)

Today’s throwback: Boobs 101 or that thing NO pop media artist seems to know about basic human anatomy, as illustrated in one of our recent reblogs. (Also cloth doesn’t work that way…)

If you actually know that and still decided that boobsocks or boobplate on a breasted character is a good idea, maybe consider it’s cause you wanna see The Tiddy? And then consider, where are all the codpieces that really existed that you could be drawing instead?


Hey you… yeah you, the one typing the comment about how a guy on YouTube told you the shape of armor is just an “aesthetic” and hence boobplates would be fine because “hardened steel is really hard”.

Don’t take advice from a guy who only assess armor based off what it feels like to swing one of his wooden swords and not on the distinct likelihood of the wearer being hit by a sharp stick wielded by a person on top of a one ton warhorse charging at full gallop.

That guy clearly doesn’t pay that much attention to what happens with re-enactors using heavier armor made with better steel.

– wincenworks

WoW Armor Switch

Like with Saint Seiya Online and Riders of Icarus before, we subjected some armor double standard in Blizzard’s MMORPG classic to a switch of designs between genders. 
After all, if those are supposed to be exactly equal in function, then why not make the dudes show off their flesh? 

Jade Set

This was a relatively laid-back stream. I was actually pretty surprised that we had not tackled WoW in a stream before! I ended up picking the Jade Armor just because of that underboob… it was just taunting me… I had to do it. It wasn’t my fault! Please, don’t–!

So besides switching the outfits between the 2 characters, I also switched their facial expressions! I gave the maaale an attractive, nonthreatening smile, while making the lady more intimidating. I also added the at-this-point Patented Icy Redesign Dick. I mean, if we can’t tell he has a penis, how are we supposed to know he’s a man, Blizzard?? How???


Glorious Set

This change was pretty basic copypasting job with adjustments according to character silhouettes. Bonus change was giving the guy’s cool braids to the lady, as she deserves an interesting haircut as well! 


Raid Shadow Legends is a game that hilariously has ridiculous bikini armor and chose not to put it into their marketing. (Which clearly has an epic budget)

Why? Well perhaps they figured out after the fact that if you’re trying to make a game about begin an epic hero that’s kind of undermined if your “hero” looks like they’re showing up for a fantasy themed lingerie shoot.


So naturally they did the only thing they could to make their product seem credible – they tried not to draw too much attention to the bikini armor in the promotional material and put a cheap She-Ra rip off in as the tutorial:


– wincenworks

(And yes, it is my opinion that “protection from light strikes with small objects at one point of my forehead” does not count as “head protection”)

Redesign Stream Hiatus

Due to work and vacation plans, August will be a hiatus month for our redesign Twitch streaming. 

We’ll keep posting our older redesign pieces in the appropriate tags on Wednesdays, alongside some other fan design fixes we like, but no live streaming at least till September. We’ll keep you posted on when the plans change!

– Icy and ~Ozzie


Have I mentioned lately that I love @pointandclickbait ?

Because I do. I really do.

– wincenworks

Honestly we’re way overdue in promoting some newer @pointandclickbaitarticles, but the satire of the ones we featured before stands the test of time (un)surprisingly well, as the game/nerd culture continues being as toxic as ever, if not more. 

Amazingly, occasional video game with a female portsgnidts protagonist (or two) haven’t yet made gaming industry any less profitable (at least to the big company CEOs and basically no-one else) and being critical of the stuff one enjoys haven’t yet killed anyone. 

Reminder that the Space Marines Can’t Be Female, Because Then I Would Need To Re-Think My Life article received TONS of responses that literally can be summed up as “Space Marines can’t be female, because then I would need to re-think my life”. 


Yes, that the first tweet refers to notes under this very post. Have fun reading those, but be warned of the headache-inducing lack of self-awareness on the part of Toxic Masculinity Brigade (aka WH40k fandom).