Tidy Up Tuesday #69


Long post this time around as there’s a few issues:

If you know female developers working on indie games and incorporating bikini armor or similar tropes is to, at the appropriate opportunity express your concerns as concerns for their production – and let them decide on how important it is to them.

If they’re interested that’s great, if not, then it is very unlikely that their production will have a profound impact on the market and she could very well have her own personal reasons for it.  Personal projects are just that, personal.

However, if you are creating a game or similar production and you want to make it as accessible and welcoming as possible to as wide an audience as possible then we recommend researching the works of those talk about these things already.

And many others.  Also if your production is to feature someone from a marginalized background that is not your own and be prepared to pay them.  Consultants are generally not as expensive as you might think but can add massive value to your production.

In terms of actually working for a company in the industry and managing to be a positive influence, then that’s the very complicated balancing act of expressing yourself and respecting your employers. (If you work out how to master that, please tell me how).

But largely the best advice I can give if you happen to be in a company meeting is to be prepared to talk about ways they add or detract value to the production and be eager to show your working.  Example:


These are some illustrations that Casper Konefal used to help get Cassandra Pentaghast’s unconventional look approved. (source, Casper’s ArtStation)

We are aware that the blog is apparently flagged as restricted/adult content by Tumblr… though because it’s Tumblr it’s still unclear what this does everywhere.

While we do realize that lack of helmet is often used for character identification and usually touches heroes of any gender – it is still can be (and is) used for reinforcing double standards. Therefore “No head protection” remains on the Female Armor Bingo, even if it doesn’t always delegitimize a female costume design.

Things we addressed before: 

– wincenworks,


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