Tidy Up Tuesday #64

Some readers gave us heads up regarding Tumblr mobile app going buggy with links to tags that end with /chrono, so we’ll try to avoid them in the future. 
With that in mind, from now on we’ll be linking our most discussed topics as the newly created masterposts (work still in progress) that list the most significant posts in each category.

When submitting/recommending a bad design to BABD, please always make sure it’s from a commercial project, not an artist’s independent/personal exercise at character design.

If you’re like to ask for design advice, we recommend checking out:

Or drop in to @how-do-i-armour-and-stuff and send in an ask or submission (it doesn’t update as often as wincenworks would like, but he will happily review any questions/requests etc)

The Bad Genderbend Bingo we referenced with the Alieng Girl statue bingo, was @wackd‘s graphic design, but its writing is credited to @inbarfink, @zarekthelordofthefries, @maxwellelvis, and @fairytalesandimaginings

~Ozzie, – wincenworks & -Icy