Koth of the Hammer! (The hammer is his penis.)

Last year I decided to make a fun drawing meme called @magicmeatweek. During this time, I and other folks draw fantasy dudes in the type of skimpy, revealing armor that fantasy ladies are always relegated to. It was awesome, and a lot of people participated! The goal isn’t necessarily Magic: The Gathering dudes, just generalized fantasy, but I like to do MTG anyway.

Now it’s back (thanks to the organizational skills of @heymonster), and friends, it’s better than ever. There is a beautiful crop of magical beefcake this year, and I highly recommend checking it out if you’re into dudes and/or subverting patriarchal tropes.

Anyway, ol’ Koth here was already pretty hunky, but I feel like I took his outfit to a new level. He can untap my mountains anytime.

Photoshop CS5, Wacom Intuos 4. Character is copyright Wizards of the Coast.

And for today’s complimentary sexy male armor – art from the very person who came up with Magic Meat Week: @amanda-sharpe!

Let me drop any cleverness and just say that he’s hot. Literally and figuratively 😀


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