Tidy-Up Tuesday #10

Covering this week:

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Over time, our old Warframe post received lots of conflicting responses on whether or not in-story Tenno (the entities that use warframe armor) have gender. Or if the armors themselves have gender.

We really don’t see how that would matter, seeing as some warframes clearly have gendered design via boobs, while the closest equivalent to a crotch bulge looks scary, angular and seems to be made of carapace.

Regarding why some companies can manage to instruct their artists to avoid particular content to make their product more marketable to a particular region – but only seem to selectively apply them – it has to do with their style guides and artistic direction.  

Ultimately creative/art directors are the ones who are able to decide when to follow the rules and when to make an exception.  (And Creepy Marketing Guy)

Things we discussed before that were brought to us recently:

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