Tidy Up Tuesday #3

Back to some tidying-up this week.

We’ve been asked us about our policy on submitting someone else’s personal art that was published by the author on an art website.

We don’t use non-commercial art for negative examples, but may use personal works for positive examples, parody, commentary or other purposes.

This query is covered by our FAQ, so the long-time followers should know, but “That’s not technically an armor” is NOT a contributing comment on a Female Armor Bingo post or any post critical of a female warrior outfit.

Apparently the creators of the next Divinity game are open to fans suggesting improvements. recklessprudence asked us to do a shout-out to the requests against boobplates and high heels in female armor. Please vote on those threads!

Let it be known that the fan community doesn’t support the “Save the boobplate” attitude the game’s lead artist shown before.

Finally, some topics that we’ve previously addressed and received some queries about:

~Ozzie & – wincenworks

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