Female Superheroes Under the Costume by JohnRaptor

If superheroes really existed, I don’t think the female ones would look anything like they’re usually depicted in comics. I mean we’re talking about women who’ve dedicated their lives to violent conflict with extremely dangerous people (and aliens, and robots and monsters).

Very helpful comparison between what image of female superheroes media tries to sell us versus what real crimefighter physique would look like.

We’d like to point out, though, that the “chest like a stripper/athlete” bit is problematic and poorly informed. Presumably the artist was referring to the fact that most superheroines are drawn with really big breasts, but framing that as a stripper/athlete dychotomy implies that strippers and athletes don’t come in all shapes and sizes. It also implies that there’s something inherently bad about big boobs and sex work.

Let us propose changing it to from “chest like a stripper” to “magical breasts that stay put without any support” and “chest like an athlete” to “breasts with supportive and comfortable underwear”.

Also a minor note compared to that, but long hair, if tied up or otherwise managed properly, don’t have to get in the way.


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