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CLEARLY, Zarya can not be a step in the right direction AND a token exception AT THE SAME TIME, because… Uh… It’s so not like she’s literally the only female Overwatch character who is not conventionally pretty*, thin and/or sexualzied, right?




How about “she’s BOTH a token exception and a step in the right direction”, then?



Okay… well, if we limit ourselves to just athletes in say… Olympic level condition… this is a sample of the body and features diversity we might expect:


Given that Blizzard has said they’re making this game to improve representation for women in video games and even address things like “why all the bikinis?

Zarya is currently the quick “we fixed it” response from a company with a long history of going back on their “fixes”.  They’re preaching that they want to fulfill the desire for diversity – but the sexy purple skinned assassin lady, a robot, a gorilla all got priority over so many types of real people.

Currently they are only vaguely close to meeting their stated goals due to a few isolated, individual characters.  Pretty much all the tokenism alarm bells are ringing loud and clear.

Much good work is lost for the lack of a little more.“ –  Edward H. Harriman

– wincenworks

*Not to say that Zarya is ugly. She’s still “unconventional” in the safest way possible.

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