Last Minute Stream Cancellation

Sorry for the late notice, but Icy isn’t feeling well enough to stream. We will be back next week!

~Ozzie and Icy






Then vs. Now

every single one of these redesigns look vastly superior to their originals imo.


The 80s She-Ra, like most of her contemporary cartoons, never aimed to be anything more than a glorified toy commercial. Characters were all based on the same mold to sell easily-reproducable toys and to fit the dirt-cheap animation budget at Filmation. J. Michael Straczynski even confirmed that’s why there were little to no costume changes in the original show. 

The 2018 She-Ra reboot does character redesign right – taking interesting parts from the originals (like color schemes, symbols, weapons) and doing a unique spin on them, with special attention to diverse body types, skin tones, facial features and recognizable silhouettes. 


Not 100% the same cast between two images, but can you spot the ones that appear on both? 😉


A Noble Guild Wars 2 Redesign

In the same week that Ozzie redrew the GW2 Halloween outfit, Icy decided to take out one of her pet peeves by redrawing one of the Noble outfits from the game.

I just want more ladies in suits; why is that so hard? Besides that, when I saw this dress and noticed that she’s, like, 13 heads tall, I just had to fix it. I started by redlining the original to figure out how tall she was actually supposed to be.


[Informercial Voice: “Look at the difference!!]

After that, what I ended up doing was basically copy the dapper noble man outfit.

It was a pretty simple redesign, besides having to figure out how to get that frigging vest to look good. I also fixed her hair just a bit.


Even though I wasn’t designing the new outfit, it was still fun to work on this, and I think it looks good. I get that GW2 is another semi-industrial fantasy world (but with a race of robot-builder scientists… sure), but that dress was just hideous, in my opinion. Anyway, enjoy a lady in a suit.


Tidy Up Tuesday #87

Tumblr did something and lately tags and search button on our blog seem to not work consistently, especially on mobile. We’re sorry if tag links in our posts (including this one) don’t work or if you guys have trouble finding stuff on BABD, even when it’s properly tagged.

There’s a big chance that switching to PC would help, but we can’t guarantee that. Sorry there’s nothing we can do about it. 

Tumblr also did a little, more high profile thing where they announced they would be getting rid of all “adult content” to make everyone happier and a better community – starting on December 17.

Summary of our thoughts below:


If Tumblr actually wanted to improve the community for people then they would could so in the following ways:

Instead what they’re proposing to do is to essentially trust their algorithms to police their community in a manner which won’t address any of the above but, based off what we’ve seen from the flagging on this and other blogs:

Of course they promise this won’t affect “real art” and other content they decide is acceptable, but given Tumblr’s record for this – that means absolutely nothing.

Largely it is ridiculous project designed to make a high profile show of bringing Tumblr more into line with traditional ideas of “acceptable” media (which allow for bikini armor that arouses straight men but not for women to express their own sexuality for themselves) while ignoring the actual problems of the site and the appeal it has had to many people.

It’s terrible and we’re currently looking into options for hosting BABD elsewhere.

Apparently this newest submission from @theoldhack​ that we bingoed triggered a couple responses weirdly obsessed with the fact that those WoW armors are very old, therefore… we should not talk about them on BABD?
So let us unpack it: 

  1. We’ve heard this baffling “logic” before and our FAQ directly addressed it for years now
  2. Those screenshots were made and submitted in September. It’s not even like we should not comment since those armors are discontinued or something. They’re still available in the game. 
  3. There’s no statute of limitations for bad designs. 

Things we addressed before: 

~Ozzie, – wincenworks & -Icy

theoldhack submitted (and Ozzie bingo’d): 

Here is a brilliant example of how armour magically shifts shape depending on whether it is worn by a man or a woman. All rights, privileges and blame belong to Blizzard Entertainment. I do not own these images and seek no profit from them, but merely to entertain, enrage or explicate as each viewer sees fit.

Not marking “No head protection” because this is basic armor with no additional gear, like helmets and shoes, equipped, so neither male or female PC gets one. But knowing  the track record of WoW and Blizzard in general, it’s always a safe bet that those would also have their share of frustrating double standard

But feel free to check this square on your personal bingo cards, especially if you also would count this sort of panties as “thong” – you’ll get a bingo row 🙂

Marking “Skin-tight armor” though, because we can see this being tight (albeit equally for both male and female player).