Tidy Up Tuesday #35

Just a few things to tidy up this week.

Because our focus is on critiquing commercial media, we will only be featuring artwork made with strictly commercial intent.  That is, it was made to either be sold, sell something or otherwise promote something on a market.

We do not critique personal artworks on the blog, we do however feature them as positive examples, parodies and commentary where appropriate.

We rarely have time to respond to all submissions or questions individually, so if you’ve sent us something and haven’t seen a mention please be aware it might be featured in the the future, sit in our drafts for a while or appear in the next Tidy Up Tuesday.

Currently we’re not able to provide specific advice/feedback on armor designs, however there may be an offshoot blog to deal with that in the near future.

A few topics we’ve discussed before:

~Ozzie and – wincenworks