Hi guys,

Tumblr’s submission system is to user interfaces what scalemail bikinis are to armor. So we’ve created some additional guidelines for submitting posts to Bikini Armor Battle Damage. These will help ensure that your submissions are easily read and hence more likely to be featured (and featured closer to when you submit them).

Additional submission guidelines:

  1. Always choose the appropriate post category (text, photo, link, quote, video).  If you don’t select anything Tumblr will pick text for you and that’s usually less than ideal.
  2. If you have more than one image to include, still use the Photo category. Put the first one in the “choose a photo” frame and the rest into the “caption” frame. The mod will edit the post accordingly.
    (An easy way to host images without going offsite is to make a private Photo post on your own blog, then copy the urls from the images.  This also greatly reduces the odds of anyone taking down your image and breaking the link before we have a chance to see it. Please don’t use use images hosted on Photobucket or any similar website.)
  3. Check the appropriate tag(s). “submission” tag is mandatory but providing other tags helps us categorize and sort your submission.
  4. Sources are your friend.  Before we post anything we are  going to review it and do a little investigating to get better context.   Giving us a few leads will help us get that done faster.
    (Also please be sure that you’re allowed to share it with us and not restricted by a Non-Disclosure Agreement or other issue).
  5. Please double check your text before you hit submit.  We’re reserve the right to and are fine with fixing a spelling error or doing a little editing to clarify an otherwise good submission, however the more adjusting we have to do the less comfortable we are with posting it.
  6. If you’re submitting something to us in confidence please be sure to mention it clearly and the terms of confidence required.  We take people’s privacy, confidence and safety very seriously – all we need is for people to be clear in regards to the need for it.

And as always, please be sure the content of your submission matches with the expectations of the site.