Argos – Clothing & uniforms, by Remy Paul

What’s this? Organizational uniforms that are not illogically altered for the women to be hot? The exploration suit even gives both the women and the men a slight heel, probably for that much-needed rocket boost. 

I am sad that the bridge crew lady gets tights instead of pants, and the artist is definitely hit-and-miss when it comes to their lady characters, but I still like these designs overall. The iron legion is, of course, my favorite. I just can’t say ‘no’ to a woman in combat boots and a gas mask.


the-midnight-doe submitted (and Ozzie bingo’d):

And on today’s episode of Doing Women Better™, Blizzard finally granted us the much requested Magician Symmetra. Only instead of going for something super classy like the many fan interpretations out there or even just ladies in suits from real life, they went with…this.

Lack of pants and framing her bust (what is even with those metal plates) aside, the fact that this is a legendary skin and costs 3000 credits when it’s so close to her default skin makes this whole thing very disappointing. 

Thanks for submitting this highly requested post, including some quality scathing commentary! The Saga of Pantless Symmetra continues. 

This would be insulting enough just by the virtue of being a fetishy leotard instead of a suit, but what the hell are those boob-holder bars?! 
They’re some sort of garbage afterthought slapped on to make this look more “sci-fi”, I guess? Why would a costume need that? Because you can’t be science fiction without framing the tits with random pieces of metal? 

Since the bingo lacks a “What the fuck am I looking at?!” square, I marked “Boobplate” instead.

Here’s some closeup, to see their full absurdity, provided by @red-queen-on-the-heathen-throne:


Fun fact: a convention I attended last week had an Overwatch: Character design done right! talk that I just couldn’t subject myself to come to, both out of the fear of my brain melting on sight and because I didn’t want to rain on some enthusiastic fan’s parade when the time for Q&A comes. 

I’m still amused that at the same time Blizzard made THIS, easily disproving the “character design done right” claim. 

But sure, Overwatch is totally ready to do women better. Anytime now.



Xavier Files on Twitter

Xavier Files on Twitter






Side note: Luara is around 16 years old, and is going back to a revealing outfit, despite making a point about her ANW outfit having body armor because being shot still fucking hurts even with a healing factor.

Meanwhile Kamala Khan, also roughly 16, has an outfit that’s practical and not overly revealing.

This is basically just going back to what X-23 has been shown as wearing traditionally because that’s what “the core audience” supposedly wants. And I say that as someone who defends Power Girl’s boob window and Tigra’s two piece.

Currently, Laura is either 19 or 20. But the outfits are still too revealing for someone who fights in close quarters.

@bikiniarmorbattledamage , I am sad to inform you that after all the progress in Laura getting practical outfit in All-new Wolverine, they decided to backtrack this hard.

– Admin

Remember when less than two years ago we celebrated X-23 getting a reasonable suit and the creators addressing the need of protective costumes even for a self-healing character

Yeah, it’s going out of the window and back to the skin-bearing bullshit again for poor Laura:


Most of those would be perfectly fine street fashion pieces, but why try to sell them as superhero outfits? Here’s hoping the final comic features neither of the above, instead opting for something you’d actually wear in a fight. 


I spent about 7 minutes fixing her design while listening to a video.


Didn’t even need a livestream!