De-failing League of Angels Part 1: Stabby leather lingerie

Apparently we felt like taking a challenge the day we made those edits, because, well, it’s League of Angels, the epitome of creative bankruptcy in video game marketing

What I decided to redesign was this extra-stabby leather… um… outfit that I bingo’d before

After the initial shock of how uncomfortable that “armor” must be, the literally biggest thing that caught my attention in this artwork were her thighs. HOW FREAKING HUGE ARE THEY IN PROPORTION TO THE REST OF THE BODY? Unfortunately this seemed mostly like an epic fail at foreshortening rather than an attempt at ‘thicc’ fetish, let alone at earnest fat representation… So I decided to reverse that. 

Instead of shrinking the thighs to give her conventionally attractive model proportions, I readjusted the rest of the body to fit them, resulting in a chubbier figure.

Her arms now have some heft and her head isn’t tiny anymore.
Though most important changes went into the torso, which now has a human-sized waist and connects to other body parts at humanly possible angles, instead of those of a Tetris puzzle. 


I am very satisfied with what I managed to do with that shameless boobplate. The idea was to still have it be a breast-oriented armor without making it look like two coconut halves with extra-emphasis on cleavage, and while retaining as much of the original’s decorative aesthetic. Basically a more sophisticated attempt at what I did with Regime Wonder Woman waaay back

I also slightly reshaped the stabby laced leather part under it, because it looked cool enough… just not on bare skin. Speaking of which, of course there was no way I left this poor woman with no padding, so in place of all this pale skin I painted white gambeson, retaining the original color scheme. She also now has full leather pants, because why wouldn’t she? 

All in all, I think I managed to improve this image significantly. Not all edits are seamless, but I’m quite proud of the way they came out. How do you guys like it? 


Argos – Clothing & uniforms, by Remy Paul

What’s this? Organizational uniforms that are not illogically altered for the women to be hot? The exploration suit even gives both the women and the men a slight heel, probably for that much-needed rocket boost. 

I am sad that the bridge crew lady gets tights instead of pants, and the artist is definitely hit-and-miss when it comes to their lady characters, but I still like these designs overall. The iron legion is, of course, my favorite. I just can’t say ‘no’ to a woman in combat boots and a gas mask.


Okay, so I know what you’re thinking – this game that is named uncomfortably close to the female wing of the Hitler Youth but is probably aimed to capitalize on League of Angels is clearly just a cheap porn game right?

Well, based off the visuals yes… but if you were were using a screen reader you’d be forgiven for understanding it was going to be an action orientated first/third person shooter (though according to the Twitter it’s a superheroine game, and the Steam “mature content” screen says battle arena) and even though the game isn’t out their site advertises:

That and well, this is not the first time it’s appeared on BABD… in fact it’s got a little bit of a history – but it’s still not out yet.  The actual core product itself is not for sale two and a half years later.  It’s like the opposite of asset flips and shovelware yet somehow worse.

Of course, the last patch to the game was over a year ago but apparently it’s coming soon to steam and was high up on the “female protagonist” tag search.

So glad that Steam doesn’t see the need to do any manual curating. 

– wincenworks

DC Supersexy Boys Part 2 – J’onn J’onzz

Even though J’onn the Martian is shirtless in Injustice (and other media), I still wanted to redraw him. I’ll admit that he was a childhood crush of mine, back when the animated Justice League was on TV. I was disappointed to see this version of him, which was clearly not designed to appeal to people who liked his soft-spoken nature. So I decided to fix this missed opportunity.

A lot of the changes were textural: I made his skin smoother in a lot of places (decided to go hairless for this one, since he’s a Martian and all), and I actually made his muscles less pronounced. J’onn is a lithe, agile man, after all.

Beyond that, the significant changes were his pants area, and his face. (And of course, the cleavage window that I decided to add last-minute.)

I took away his stifling pants (where are his booty shorts??) and gave him a semi-transparent loincloth, as I’m wont to do. I figured, for this More Mature J’onn, maybe he wants to know what it’s like to have hanging bits? That’s what being more “mature” and “realistic” means, right?

As for his face, I wanted to recapture that animated Justice League look. I got rid of his cartoony Scowl of Doom, and instead gave him smooth, pleasant features. I decided to give him a cute blush at the last minute, too. Even Martians blush.

I do hope that other J’onn fans enjoy this redesign as much as I enjoyed working on it.


Avi is the only main female character in Generic Looking JRPG Bonds of the Skies and there’s a noticeable difference between how she and her fully-armored male teammates’ costume look, hmmm… ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°). 


Her shoes looks stylish and comfy, I’ll give her that. Other parts not only serve zero protection against weather and battle damage, they also look like they’d slip off from her body within minutes of moving around. 

And before dudebros start flooding us again with their arguments that this is neither armor, nor the worst thing we ever bingoed or that shield is all the protection she needs for combat – Please read whatever you’re furiously typing again, delete it and rethink your life choices. Double standards is double standards, plain and simple. 


h/t: our own Icy for suggesting this for a bingo 




Idk who they hired but I’m LIVING for these improvements

they did actually say who they hired! brendan george, a character artist


A lot of readers tagged us under this. 

And don’t get me wrong, I’m happy that the 2 ladies have some breast support now, but their breasts are still very clearly accented by their clothes for some reason. The designs are getting better, sure. It’s definitely an improvement from a Child’s-Small-size Halloween costume with shoestring (not even a better version than Ozzie’s Green Arrow), but we can do better. 

I do hope that Brendan George continues to work hard with his team toward getting that “more mature and respectful” aesthetic that he wants. He’s not all the way there yet, I think.


Definitely looking forward to more positive changes to Mortal Kombat character designs in the future, but so far it’s merely a step or two ahead of writing checks they cannot cash for “Doing women better”. Especially when the bar was set that low

Because are we really supposed to celebrate an exchange of a giant boob window for a smaller boob window on Kitana? 

And can we please remember that zombie Jade was never as desexualized as dudebros insist she was? At least her living version completely got rid of gratuitous cleavage… she still wears pin-thin heels throughout all skins, tho >_> 


Once again, I’d encourage our readers to not settle for the smallest, safest improvements in female (and/or otherwise marginalized) representation. I get it, we’re starved. But we have the right to ask for more.