It had to be done.

I tried to incorporate bits of Robb Waters’ redesign of the Cyborg Enforcer into the Elite Cyborg’s setup. And yes, that concept art I found on SHODANpedia inspired this design too. Because the codpiece looked even more ridiculous in the concept doodle.

A part of me hopes this finds its way back to Robb Waters and makes him laugh since he was the concept artist for the original System Shock.


For the uninitiated, this was the concept sketch for the Cyborg Elite Guard:

Now Ken Levine (of BioShock fame) has stated that he felt System Shock suffered greatly due to uninsipiring box art.  The problem is clear:

Yes, they focused on the wrong part of Cyborg Elite .  When will video games learn from this mistake and start putting real empowerment in their advertising?

– wincenworks