drkory submitted: 

Screenshots of my character in Skyforge. In this game there is no armor but costumes, I’ve taken screenshots of some examples. The first one is the least skimpy although it has boobplate. All available costumes come with high heels. The last one is leaving me speechless especially because of the fact that this game takes pride in “boobs jiggle physics”. It’s hard to believe how someone can fight in that thing without their jelly boobs jiggling out.

There are many videos on Youtube where you can see how the physics work, here is one where you can also see a few male character models and the double standard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZJ5sKsQ0_k

Oh Skyforge, will you never stop finding new an exciting ways to combine elements of different genres together while still implementing horrifying ideas on female armor and double standards?

No, seriously will you? Because the amount of work being invested in being terrible is kind of astonishing.

– wincenworks

whereismywizardhat submitted:

The ride never ends.

The kindest thing I can say about this armor is no high heels

doctorsanity submitted:

R. Mika, after and before

(It’s not just that they made her show more breasts, more stomach, and… u-underarm? (Why did they-?), but the posing in the new shot is simply atrocious. Hands down.)

Oh Street Fighter… you were a pioneer franchise for the fighting game genre and now you’re trying to follow along with the Tekken and Soul Calibur… shame on you.

– wincenworks