doctorsanity submitted:

Charlotte from the latest Fire Emblem Fates. If you look closely you can see she has high heels on.

While I understand her gimmick is wooing richer men to spoil herself, I basically find the design embarrassing.

I feel that the biggest flaw with these designing a character around them being seductive approaches is that they sort of disregard for the idea that:

  1. Seduction is a personal and intimate thing, particularly if it’s for something longer than overnight.
  2. People with wealth and power can usually have attractive company any time they like without being seduced and fleeced.
  3. Advertising that you’re trying to be seductive and sexy probably doesn’t help them relax and slip into being seduced.

From what I can gather about Charlotte… part of her being a seductress is she’s trying to pretend to be innocent and she’s also meant to be a mighty warrior.  I can’t help but think that maybe more armor would help her with both of her goals.

– wincenworks

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hostagesandsnacks submitted:

In addition to the fashion post i feel it’s worth remembering that at least fashion still gives you the choice and you can absolutely get that warrior style if you want to and know where to look (designers listed in captions)

Not only does the fashion industry design better lingerie, they also design better warrior ensembles.

What’s really interesting is that clothing design is generally excluded from copyright actually has promoted a lot of innovation and creativity in the fashion industry.  Designers actually work to create and overcome challenges in their striving to be exciting and unique.

Contrast with the Empowered Woman design business, which churns out tons of nearly identical characters in similar variations of fantasy lingerie and lady villains in even skimpier attire.

Think of how awesome studios got to focus on creating cool and memorable designs instead of trying to outdo one another for finding convoluted ways to show off skin without getting a Nudity rating.

– wincenworks

Hordes is a game about groups of giant monsters led by someone with magic, beating the every-living crap out of each other for glory and profit.

So naturally Privateer Press want to release these as their convention only special/novelty units – they’re such a great way to encapsulate the game!  Anyone who comes across these at a convention is going to immediately understand what Hordes is about… right?

– wincenworks

The cheesy names on those figures… they hurt almost as much as the shameless fanservice.


The incredibly imaginatively named game, Chaos, immediately provides this imagery if you look up how to play. By itself is bad enough to be prime BABD material even without us having the conversation about why is the Paladin (a known of renown chivalry and heroism) half naked and looking away from the fight… but then it manages to get worse.


Yup… a swordsman can be the almighty emperor… but not a paladin… well not dressed like that. (Again developers, if the outfits you give your female characters mean you can’t take them seriously… maybe redesign, just a friendly suggestion)

Of course, the other thing the site really wants to show you about the world you’re going to be the almighty emperor of is… apparently double standards in dress code are a universal standard there:


Also there’s someone with a horn but since they’re off to the side we should infer they’re nowhere near as important as the mystic lingerie display.

– wincenworks