BABD officially on Steam and deviantArt!

Since bikiniarmorbattledamage​’s second and Female Armor Bingo’s first anniversary (March the 1st) approaches, we’re preparing a few surprises.
Till then, though, here’s a surprise for now: BABD now has official groups, run by us, on Steam and deviantArt! Feel free to join them!

Steam group, of course, comes with our own curator recommendation list. It’s still getting updated, but games collected there are the selection of ones that feature badass non-sexualized women warrior characters and/or defy the misogynist status quo in clever ways.
Basically what GamerGaters would never recommend on their list.

deviantArt group is focused on collecting any art (and/or journal entries) that criticize, make fun of or defy skimpy female armor. The gallery so far is sorted into those categories:

  • Parody
  • Sexy Male Armor
  • Positive Female Armor
  • Resources + References
  • General Commentary

If you know (or do) any anti-bikini armor art on dA, submit it to the group! Some of it might eventually end up on the blog (if it didn’t before ;D).

~Ozzie & – wincenworks

Tangentially related to BABD’s subject matter, but very important point for the gender in gaming discussion.

Just as the association of colors pink and blue with femininity and masculinity, the link between certain game mechanics and gender is a result of completely arbitrary choices made fairly recently, while the mechanics were being developed.

Therefore, marketing different types of games to “opposing” gender demographics does NOT prove that men and women are inherently attracted to different facets of aesthetic or forms entertainment.


I think this is also worth remembering not just in terms of game mechanics but those assigned to female characters.  Limiting female characters to support roles, femme fatales or rewards means that the designs of female characters limited to just those that serve these purposes.

– wincenworks