Super Mario Fantasy RPG princessesKnight Peach by Diego Fonteriz

So this comes from a set of Mario ladies AU fanart… and Peach is the only one not sporting a huge cleavage and random bare skin. “Warrior Daisy” got straight-up boobplate 🙃 

I do adore this version of Peach, though. She deserves a break from being a damsel in distress sometime. This quietly confident expression is beautiful. 

The plate armor is very nice, with lovely Mushroom Kingdom detailing. And includes what seems like gambeson padding, too!
The wedge heels are kinda weird, cause while relatively comfortable, they’re there just for the aesthetics. Could have been modest rider heels, more practical for stirrups. But at least they’re not half an inch thick and five inches long, like most of what we see on BABD.

We actually featured a cool lady knight by this artist before. Clearly he’s capable of drawing  functional armor on ladies  when he wants to >.> 


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